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Dedicated to capturing and preserving memories of the people you love. My photography style is simple, relaxed and natural. Creating treasured images of the little moments in your life that you may otherwise forget.


With children's photography, I believe that the best images come from capturing a child when completely relaxed, having fun and just being themselves. It's the best way to show their true personality. 

I shoot with the kids in mind to help them relax and have fun. I encourage the child to play (often joining in myself) and just letting them be natural and spontaneous.


I'll be happy to photograph you anywhere you like. I just want you and the child to be as relaxed as possible. So whether it's at home, in the playground, at the beach or anywhere you can think of, I'm more than happy to join you.  


The approach to adult photo sessions is the same as with children. Whether it's an individual or couples session, or one with the family, we encourage you to relax and enjoy yourselves. Of course we may give you a little direction to help you get the best out of your session, but most importantly I like you to have fun and be at your most natural. 

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© 2015 by Claire Woodrow Photography. 

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