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Daddy's Treat

Updated: May 30, 2020

I always love capturing families at play, but there's something just that extra bit special when you're doing it as a birthday or christmas treat.

This time it was a treat for Daddy with a fun shoot at one of my most favourite spots in Sai Kung.

The current situation means the park was peaceful with nature blooming at its best and an early morning start means we beat those rising temperatures too. Perfect conditions for taking in some fresh air whilst capturing some precious family moments.

As it was a treat for Daddy there was definitely no shortage of special cuddles (and splats on the head) for him to enjoy.

As well as a beautiful healing kiss on the hand when Daddy took a little tumble.

Not wanting her to miss out, Mummy definitely got her fair share of cuddle time/ raspberry blowing time too.

All in all it was a fun filled morning with such a funny, and delicious pair of monkeys and their equally lovely parents.

Thanks for the giggles guys.

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