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Giggles & Grins

Updated: May 30, 2020

This gorgeous little spot in Sai Kung is one of my favourites. So when asked if I was able to capture this beautiful family here, I knew it would be lovely.

It was a first time shoot for the little man, but these beautiful girls knew just exactly what to do.They won me over from the very beginning. With bags of smiles, cheekiness and moments of adorable sisterly love. They were all giggles and grins.

Their little brother is definitely high up on the cuteness scale too. He took a little while to figure out what was happening and why we were out early on a Saturday morning, but he soon got it and brought his gorgeous smile too.

We crammed a lot into our time at the park, so by the end of it we were all tired, HOT and covered in mosquito bites (rookie error from me forgetting to spray all over! ).

But these guys soldiered through to hopefully give them some treasured memories together in their neighbourhood.

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